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7njl6 and PCI Hard Drive Controllers

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Robert Simandl


Since: Oct 02, 2006
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(Msg. 1) Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 4:33 am
Post subject: 7njl6 and PCI Hard Drive Controllers
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I have a 7njl6 with AthlonXP 3000+ and 1 gig of Rosewill DDR400 in
dual-channel mode.

I've been using this PC as a server for nearly a year with several
hard drives installed. BOTH integrated IDE controllers are in use,
and both SATA controllers are in a RAID-0 array. Also had a Promise
ATA-133 controller in one of the PCI slots. Case is a CoolerMaster
Stacker, with two 400-watt PSU's. Worked great in this

I wanted to add another hard drive controller so I could add two more
hard drives. I added an identical Promise controller to another PCI
slot, and Windows would not boot (stuck at the Windows XP black
screen with the blue dots moving left to right).

Removed the second Promise controller and replaced with a SIIG IDE
controller. Same result.

Figured maybe it can take only one PCI controller card at a time and
replaced the original Promise card with a Highpoint RocketRAID 454
card. Same result.

XP Home will not boot (unless in safe mode) with any PCI hard drive
controller installed except for the Promise card (and only with ONE
installed, not two).

Note I have NOT actually installed any additional hard drives yet --
haven't gotten that far.

I notice during bootup when the PC is detecting hardware (just after
the Rocketraid bios screen) there is some sort of one-line error
message before Windows starts to load, but it flashes by so fast I
can't read it.

I don't think it's a heat, PSU, or RAM issue because the PC runs fine
with the original Promise card.

Any ideas what's going on here? Thanks.....

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